A word about CBT

Cock and ball torture (CBT) is another popular form of kink play which involves tormenting the male genitals. Don’t let the word “torture” scare you away. The whole experience can just be mild and playful with activities like restraint and tickle torture. A scene can also develop into a full blown mistreatment encounter including participation in ballbusting and flogging, if that is what you desire.

The level of intensity is always up to you and your play partner. If you’re eager for some intense experiences, be sure to take things slowly to start with, especially with new partners, and take the time to find someone experienced.

It can be whole lot of fun for a sadistic Dom to restrain and play with a sub’s cock. A submissive may get enjoyment from the physical experience or purely from knowing that the sadist Dom is being pleased by the play. If you are the bottom, just remember, you always have the right to communicate your desires with your Dominant and to use safe words.

Whilst male Dominants can use their own experiences of sensations as a guide, this is never a true indication. Something that might be pleasurable to the Dominant’s penis may be very painful for the sub. So whether the Top is a Man or Woman, keep the lines of communication open with this play. This is especially important during the first few times you play together.

CBT BDSM Contract

Some couples like to sign a contract before they play together. Here is a CBT clause you can use for this purpose. It has been worded to suit the Dominant/submissive BDSM Contract however you can alter it any way you like, add wording and delete terms you do not wish to include: