Negotiate & Define Your Daddy/Baby Girl Dynamic

Writing a Contract is the best way to:

♦ Bring up and discuss your desires, needs and expectations;
♦ Set down your goals, rules, rights, responsibilities and limits;
♦ Know where you stand and what’s expected of you;
♦ Set phases for your relationship or training;
♦ Review your progress and make changes to reflect your growth;
♦ Formalize your commitment (please note a power exchange contract is NOT legally binding). It is a tool to help guide your relationship.

Daddy Dom/Babygirl Contract Template

Below is the cover sheet of the PDF and Word Contract. Scroll for more info, images and template options.

Daddy Dom Baby Girl Contract

~ A Legal Style Document to Negotiate and Define Your Arrangement ~

Ideal for:

♦ Daddy Dom and BabyGirl couples wishing to define the relationship (with or without age play);
♦ Married couples, partners and lovers looking to explore this dynamic;
♦ All levels of Doms/Baby Girls (those just testing the waters to a 24/7 lifestyle commitment).

Two options available (see below)

Option 1: Daddy Dom/Baby Girl Contract Download

Suitable for Daddy Doms and Babygirl submissives. The ddlg (age play) part of the contract is an optional Schedule at the end of the Contract.

  • PDF – fillable, savable fields (make & save changes any time). Password protected.
  • Microsoft Word – fully editable, printable, Microsoft Office, PC, Mac, iPad, tablet & mobile.
  • Bonus: 3 pages of example clauses (ideas for your personalized rules).

If you’d prefer to use different titles, the template is also available for: Daddy/Princess and Papa/Little Girl, here.

Need something nicer than a printout?
Present your rules in this hard copy Contract template.

Size: 8.5″ x 11″ (28 x 21.6cm)
Cover: Gloss, Color
Binding: Perfect Bound
Format: Softcover (Hardcover option available)
Price: $29
Includes standard, discreet shipping.
Add the digital version for only $4.95!

More Cover Options Available

Please note that contracts for submission are not legally binding.

What is a Daddy Dom/Baby Girl Relationship?

This is a type of power exchange arrangement which focuses more on the pampering, nurturing, protection and well-being of the sub by her dominant.

Every DDBG dynamic will look different. However, in a very broad sense, there are two types of arrangements:

  • Submissives who like to relinquish control to Sir and be treated like a princess, with or without providing service; and
  • Little girls (adults engaging in age role play) who like to indulge in little world fantasies and have their dominant as their caregiver (also known as DDLG or Daddy Dom Little Girl play).

Daddy/Baby Girl Contract WITHOUT DDLG

The Contract template is designed to read like a traditional power exchange agreement, where Babygirl hands over Control to her dominant. The terms of control, rights and responsibilities are very flexible to accommodate any variety of DD/BG styles.

Here are just some examples of rules which help define your arrangement:

  • Responsibilities – what’s required of both parties (e.g. making sure the Dom makes decisions with due care and in BG’s best interests, ensuring Baby Girl treats her Dom with respect at all times. Will there be any chores or services required?);
  • Areas of Control – a checklist Babygirl can go through to determine which aspects of her life she would like Daddy to have authority over or what goals she would like help in achieving;
  • Pampering – a clause for providing rewards, with examples, for when Daddy would like to pamper Babygirl. Giving attention is always a nice treat;
  • Punishment or “Funishment” – even though Daddy is given control, some Babygirls like to be sassy and play around with this aspect. However, some partners prefer their Baby Girl to be more obedient than cheeky. This is something to discuss. Whatever your intention, you can select from all the available punishments in the Contract;
  • Activities, hard and soft limits – if your dynamic involves kinky scenes, the document contains a checklist where you may stipulate kinks you love, those which you’re unsure about and your boundaries. A very useful tool for opening up conversations.

There is an optional schedule at the end of the document which is for the age play portion. If you don’t engage in DDLG, then you can just skip that part of the form.

How does a Babygirl differ from a submissive?

A Babygirl is still submissive in that she relinquishes control over aspects of her life and aims to please her dominant. For some, the relationship can be more nurturing and focused on pampering baby girl. In other dynamics, you may not see any difference. For example, BG provides services and chores and receives punishment and rewards just like any other submissive. The only difference there would be that the parties like to use the endearing titles “Daddy” and “Babygirl”. In some arrangements again, BG does not perform any services or duties. She is a kind of pampered treasure, with or without sexual privileges; a precious doll for Daddy to indulge and care for. The extent of submission, pleasing and spoiling is completely up to you.

How is DDLG incorporated into the Contract?

There is a schedule at the end of the document which provides for “Little Mode”. This is where you set the parameters of what you enjoy and what’s acceptable during age play. A Babygirl may have completely different expectations of her little fantasy as opposed to her submissive role, so it’s important to discuss the details of her ideal little space.

Obviously, BG cannot be a little 24/7 (though some may like to). There are other life roles to take care of including housework, careers, vanilla functions, family and perhaps even your submissive role.

Before engaging in age play, it’s important for Daddy to know what will make his precious feel safe, loved, protected and cared for during little space. The Little Mode Schedule allows you to communicate these details, including clauses and ideas for the following:

  • Times when you will engage in this mode;
  • Details about BG’s little identity;
  • What clothing makes you feel snuggly, girlie, pretty and helps you enter the mindset;
  • Whether and what types of sexual activity is allowed;
  • If Daddy may punish BG and how;
  • Activities you like to engage in;
  • Types of communication to be used etc.

Please note that when referring to age play, we are not referring to minors whatsoever (we do not condone such behavior). These are all dynamics between consensual adults wishing to engage in role play fantasies.

Whether you include DDLG or not, it’s best to always share your needs, wants and expectations beforehand. Our Contract template provides all the necessary topics to consider and discuss, to help you create and maintain a dynamic filled with cherish and adoration.

In addition to the cover sheet seen above, here are more pages from the Contract Template.

Daddy Dom Babygirl Contract Introduction

Daddy Dom Babygirl Contract Table of ContentsDaddy Dom Babygirl Contract Page 1

Daddy Dom Babygirl Contract Bonus Clauses

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