If you are new to being a Mistress, or if you simply want to add to your abilities to dominate your partner, this article is for you!

There are many aspects to being a well-rounded Mistress. For instance, how you carry yourself physically can be very important. Generally speaking (meaning there can be exceptions), a Mistress never wants to appear weak or defeated. She never wants to appear clumsy, unprepared, or discombobulated (unless these are done deliberately for some reason). And She never wants to speak in a manner that does not further Her agenda. Knowing how to talk like a Mistress is, therefore, important.

One might think that talking like a Mistress is simple. Bark out Your orders and Your sub had better respond accordingly, or else. But, there is much more to it than that. Let’s take a look at some of the nuisances of “Mistress speak”.

Why Talk?

The main purpose of speech is to communicate. Before a Mistress can communicate anything, really, She must first know what it is She “wants” to communicate. What is the main purpose of Her forthcoming words? Does She want to praise the sub? Punish the submissive? Humiliate the sub? Once She knows her purpose, She can adjust Her speech to match Her goals.

That all sounds like common sense, but the trick becoming an expert at this is to remember to take a few seconds (before speaking) to understand “what” it is You want to accomplish with Your words.

Keywords and Pet Names

Many subs, men and women, have particular keywords or pet names (for lack of a better term) that they enjoy hearing. For instance, it has been My experience that most female submissives love to be called sluts, whores, dirty cunts, cocksuckers, etc. Many submissive males enjoy being called those same names as well as names that refer to their cocks (limp dick, stubby cock, no cock, etc—you get the picture). Knowing what type of names to use on Your sub can be very important, especially for the professional Mistress, but is also important in committed D/s relationships.

Example: Mistress Domming a Female submissive

“You worthless slut! Get down on your knees like a good little whore.”

Example: Mistress Domming a Male submissive

“What a limp-dicked sissy you make! I’ve seen more impressive cocks on a parakeet!”

Tone of Voice

There are times when the most powerful and effective tone of voice is delivered softly, quietly, up close and personal. A subdued tone of voice carries with it an enormous amount of authority when delivered correctly. You can use this tone of voice to convey just about anything, including praise, threats, humiliation, and disgust and disappointment.

On the other hand, there are times when speaking in a somewhat loud, commanding/demanding voice is the best option for the Mistress. A more authoritative tone can be especially useful when delivering orders or during training sessions.

Expertise Through Experience

If You are new to being a Mistress, understand that as time goes by and You become more comfortable and adept, all of this will become second nature to You. Also, the more time You spend with the sub, the better You will become at communicating precisely what it is You want to say and how best to say it.