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BDSM Contract

Design Your Perfect Dynamic

♥ Negotiate your perfect Dominant/submissive relationship

♥ Cover all the important wants, needs and expectations

♥ Makes for fun and exciting conversations

♥ Know where you stand and what’s expected of you

♥ Nurture your relationship with meaningful ideas for rules

Start Designing Your Relationship Now

Suitable for

  • All levels (beginners to advanced)

  • All types of D/s relationships

  • Plenty ideas for your personalized rules

Instant access to both formats

  • PDF – fillable, savable fields (make & save changes any time). Password protected.

  • Microsoft Word – fully editable, printable, Microsoft Office, PC, Mac, iPad, tablet & mobile.

  • Bonus: 3 pages of example clauses (ideas for your personalized rules).


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Feedback from others

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful product. I bought it as a gift for my Master & I to set up our relationship as we are new to this lifestyle & it has been invaluable in helping us understand each other. Also it gives some terrific ideas of new things to try 😈 Many thanks for making something that could be quite difficult so very easy & fun. Much love Amy

~ Amy R

Thank you very much for providing me and slave with a great template. Negotiations were 3 days of pleasure :)

Highly recommended.

~ WhiplashAMS

I am forever grateful for the Contract template you were able to provide. I was able to create a good base for My submissive and I to build a relationship on. We life the lifestyle 24/7 and this Contract provided am unimaginable foundation for which to build upon. I will always recommend your Contracts for anyone needing one.

~ Master Calvin

The contact is amazing our relationship is is amazing now that we started. Thanks again.

~ R.I.

Thank you for turning something stressful into something so easy. My Daddy/Master and i are so pleased with O/our contract and it has been the best $20 we have ever spent. It hit all the needed points and even alittle more.

~ Princess Marie

I am most definitely pleased with my contract. though not in use its already broadened my knowledge of what is to be expected when the time comes.

~ Lexi

The contract was amazing. Very in depth and attention to detail. This was a purchase I made for me and my wife and things are going great with it. Thanks for offering such a great contract.

~ Dunk

Absolutely love the versatility of the contract. Also OT is extremely easy to use and very detailed. Makes me feel so much safer.

~ Kat Call

We are very pleased with the contract! It was very well laid out and your examples gave us new ideas we had never thought of during our negotiations. I have already referred our lifestyle friends to your page. Thank you!

~ Lord Grimm

Me and my wife loved the contract. Thank you. It was well written for someone that has not a full feel of the lifestyle. I have been in the fetish world but out of it for a long time. But now I really get to explore it with my wife now. Thank you.

~ JC

We are both real pleased with it. Detailed enough to allow for good discussion over the details to be entered into!

~ Master Norm/Slave Pami

My sub and I love this contract. It was easy to understand and add in what we needed to. Thank you so much and keep doing what your doing. :-)

~ Amanda

Great contract – has just been edited and signed by myself and my Dom this week. Made for a fun conversation mid afternoon in a relatively busy coffee shop with people close by! I’m now excited about its implementation. Lots of detail and really good discussion going through limits with my dom, so hopefully we are learning more and more with it!

Thank you!

~ Kat

Been a great contract so far to discuss with my wife. We are currently going through it together and editing it to match what we want out of it. Fun conversations so far as we change the dynamics of our relationship in the short term and long term. Thank you for a terrific contract!

~ Matthew

Very well thought out, and put together. I can’t wait for the opportunity to use it.

~ Woods Duane

The Contracts were easily set out and easy to modify to personalise for myself.
Thanks Lily for all your help and awesome customer service.
For any further contracts I know which site I will be ordering them from.
Very Satisfied Customer thanks again to Lily.

~ Master Chemeleon

This contract is incredible! Very well written & super organized. I’m soo glad I bought it.

~ Mistress Lisa

Is this for you?

Each contract is fully customizable and has been designed to be as flexible as possible in order to accommodate any type of dynamic at any level (from part-time beginners to a 24/7 live-in total power exchange).

  • Beginners – going through this document together helps you bring up topics, gives you ideas to explore and guides you through creating a power exchange you will both love and be happy with.

  •  Curious lovers – interested in exploring kink & BDSM with your lover? With our Contract, you’ll have all the options laid out in front of you, so you can explore safely knowing you have boundaries and limits in place.

  •  Subs and slaves in training – set down training periods with goals to achieve.

  •  Long term partners – you may like to formalize your dynamic with a beautiful contract. You can also use it to explore more. BDSM is a never ending learning journey.

  •  Total Power Exchange (TPE) – each version provides clauses to turn your dynamic into a TPE dynamic with no limits (if and when you desire this).

  •  Collared/uncollared – for uncollared subs and slaves, use a Contract as an incentive to earn a collar. The bonus clauses give you ideas on this.

Do I get both the PDF and the Word versions?

Yes! The Word version is the most flexible, however some people prefer the PDF. We decided to give you the choice.

Dominant/submissive Contract

Dominant submissive Contract Table of Contents

Dominant submissive Contract Introduction

Dominant submissive Contract Bonus Clauses