Negotiate & Define Your Puppy Play Dynamic

Writing a Contract is the best way to:

♦ Bring up and discuss your wants, needs and expectations;
♦ Set down your goals, rules, rights, responsibilities and limits;
♦ Know where you stand and what’s expected of you;
♦ Set phases for your training or relationship;
♦ Review your progress and make changes to reflect your growth;
♦ Make your commitment seem more official (please note a pup play contract is NOT legally enforceable). It is a tool to help guide your relationship.

Pup Play Contract Template

Below is the cover sheet of our downloadable Contract template.

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BDSM Pup Play Contract

~ A Legal Style Document to Negotiate and Define Your Arrangement ~

Ideal for:

♦ Owner/Trainer/Handler/Leash Holder and pups wishing to define the relationship;
♦ Married couples, partners and lovers looking to explore this lifestyle;
♦ All levels of puppy play (those just testing the waters, pups in training or a 24/7 (with breaks) lifestyle commitment).

Two options available: Downloadable or Hard Copy

Option 1: Pup Play Contract Download

  • PDF – fillable, savable fields (make & save changes any time). Password protected. 27 pages.
  • Microsoft Word – fully editable. PC, Mac, tablets, iPad, mobile.

$19 (or…only $4 if you buy the hard copy format).

BUY | Owner & FEMALE PUP Contract
BUY | Owner & MALE PUP Contract

The gender refers to the pup.