BDSM Rules Unwritten Ideas for Master slave Relationships

BDSM Rules and Master/slave Relationships

A Master and slave relationship can be an intensely deep and loving connection.

Unfortunately, even these days, people tend to think that BDSM relationships revolve around being abused with only sociopaths and victims of childhood abuse partaking in this lifestyle. In fact, abuse of any kind is strictly forbidden and very much frowned upon!

Like any other lifestyle you will find jerks and losers in this lifestyle as well.

It is very important for a Master (or any other D-type) to not take advantage of the situation and for the submissive to understand they have a right to stop at any point. BDSM is safe, sane, and consensual.

Complete and honest consent is crucial to a successful BDSM relationship.

Communication is so important and it’s essential to have many in depth conversations with all parties involved.

List of Unwritten BDSM Rules for Master and slave Dynamics

For more ideas on rules and setting up your relationship, check out our detailed Master/slave Contract.

Every BDSM relationship will have their rules but there are also some imperative unwritten rules, unless the parties agree otherwise by written or verbal agreement:

  1. Respect is earned, not forced.
  2. Stepping over a hard limit is not acceptable under any circumstances.
  3. You have no rights dominate until control is transferred to you.
  4. A Master should never punish when angry. The punishment should fit the crime.
  5. You are responsible for your slave’s health (physical and mental), but you are not their therapist.
  6. After administering punishment the Master may follow up with tenderness for the sub, it’s not a sign of weakness to be loving and kind.
  7. Your slave’s needs come before your wants.
  8. A Master cannot change core rules without consent (blanket consent can be given).
  9. Respect and trustworthiness is required from you towards your sub.
  10. You may give rewards when earned.
  11. If your sub or slave asks to be released you must let them go, unless you’ve negotiated termination requirements in your Contract (e.g. counseling before ending the relationship).
  12. The sub’s family, profession and every other aspect of their life are off limits unless expressly agreed to otherwise.
  13. subs and slaves are never allowed to be bought or sold (unless slave has given permission beforehand, which may include via blanket authority).
  14. As a Master understand that you are not immune to making mistakes; even you are human.
  15. Being deceitful is never acceptable.

More unwritten rules:

  • You must train your sub properly and individually. Each one will be different so it’s useful to adapt your teaching style.
  • Give clear instructions and don’t blame the slave for your ambiguity.
  • Realize that people have differing opinions of what it means to be a sub vs a slave. The only way to know is to have a conversation about needs and wants.

These are some of the basic unwritten rules that responsible Masters and Dominants adhere to. They are unspoken and not usually written into a Contract. Having a submissive gives the Dominant much less power than vanilla people realize. Both parties should be enjoying their roles in the BDSM lifestyle and as a Master it is your job to make sure you are doing your part. Although a Master may call themselves so, the power is still 50/50 with the submissive, until they have handed over authority.

Always make sure that whatever you do is safe, sane, and consensual.

Negotiating rights and responsibilities from the outset is important.  The easiest way to communicate your expectations is to write up a BDSM Contract together.

You don’t need to have anything in writing as long as both parties understand what’s expected.