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The reason why I started this website stemmed from my own curiosity and frustrations. I’ve been in a D/s relationship for the past 9 years. I’m also a lawyer. When I was in the early stages of writing our contract, I found it frustrating that there was no generic template I could use, just to start me off. I understand that you can’t have one contract to accommodate all relationships but at least in my profession we use templates to give us a starting point when drafting a document.

It took me weeks to research and come up with appropriate wording for our personal D/s contract. To my dismay, I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I showed it to my close friends who are also in the lifestyle. They loved it and asked me to help them with theirs. They even asked if I would help their friends! Occasionally I draft lifestyle agreements for clients at work. However these are not related to dominance and submission; rather they are vanilla ‘relationship’ agreements. I still keep our lifestyle quiet at work, as I am unsure what the partners would think.

Obey and Honor Wax SealWhen writing their own agreements, I found that a lot of people didn’t know where to start or what to put in their Contract. That is why I created the BDSM Contract template forms with the end user in mind. I initially started with just the pdf document. I also used to make a bound and sealed version. The Contract would be printed on parchment paper, bound and then the cover sealed with wax. The wax seal contained the BDSM logo encircled by the words “Honor and Obey”, which I had custom made. It looked very formal and professional, however it took far too long to put together and after a while I decided to stop offering this option. Instead, I created the BDSM Contract book.

From the beginning, the feedback I received for my Contract templates was very positive. Customers commented how they found the contract useful as a guide to defining their lifestyle, how they enjoyed going through the document with their partner and also the attention to detail and terminology. I was so grateful to see positive feedback. I also received some comments about not being able to edit the whole document, which frustrated some users. With the help of a developer, I spent a lot of time converting the templates into Microsoft Word format to allow changes to be made to the whole document. I hope this makes things a lot easier for you.

Here’s a little spiel about my qualifications. I commenced my law career in January, 2000 with a botique law firm in Australia. I undertook my five year “Articles of Clerkship” (which is a full time legal traineeship) whilst studying full time at university. During this period, my official title at the firm was ‘Articled Clerk’. This is the term used in Commonwealth countries to describe an apprentice in a professional firm.

I completed my law degree with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and I am admitted as a legal practitioner with the Supreme Court of Queensland. You may find it interesting that as of 2005, Australia no longer offers five year or two year ‘articles’. Legal training is now a one year ‘traineeship’ following your law degree. For those who are interested, I will upload a copy of my degree and solicitor’s certificate soon.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find this site useful.

All the best.

Liliana (Lily)