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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the Contracts you offer?

The D/s and M/s Contracts contain the same terms and conditions. You can make any document as lenient or as strict as you like (including TPE, total power exchange). The only difference is the titles “Dominant/submissive” or “Master”, “Mistress” and “slave”. The Contracts are separated this way to cater for all types of arrangements, regardless of the titles you use. I used to have stricter conditions for the M/s Contracts but realized this was too inflexible.
This way the choice is easy…just select the contract based on how you identify (what you call yourselves) within your lifestyle arrangement.

What is the Contract book?

At this stage, the Contract Book is a hard copy of the digital contract, which can be filled out by hand. The book is for those who would like something nicer/more formal than just printing the downloadable versions. I am currently working on providing more content/resources and expanding the book, but this all takes time.

Are BDSM Contracts legally binding?

No. Please read my pages on enforceability and the law.

Can I use the Contract multiple times?

You may use the contract as many times as you like if you intend to have multiple partners. You do not need to purchase the contract again each time. It’s best if you save the original digital files and work on a fresh copy with each new partner.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, you may apply for access to the wholesale area here.

Where can I get legal advice?

A good place to find a local attorney is to search the Directory of Kink Aware Professionals. Just select the category “lawyers” and your location, then click “search”.

Here is some information about the directory. Unfortunately I cannot recommend any one in particular.

What will show on my credit card statement if I purchase your products?

Your credit card statement will state: “PAYPAL *JOVIALPBLSH”

There will not be any mention of this website on your credit card statement.

Am I being scammed?

Please read our page on online scammers.


I have reached my download limit, what do I do?

For security reasons, you may only download each document 3 times and this must be done within 48 hours of placing your order.

If you exceed your download limit, please reply to the order confirmation email (or contact me here with your order number) and I will send you the documents. I understand this happens sometimes and I certainly don’t expect you to pay and never receive your product.

How do I use the forms?

The PDF document requires a password, which is provided in the email you receive with the download links.

Which parts of the PDF are editable? You may view which parts of the PDF document are editable by highlighting the form fields. You may do this by changing the settings in your PDF viewer here: Edit > Preferences > Forms > Tick “Show border hover color for fields”.

Using the Word document – Once you open the Word document, click “enable content”. You may make changes to the yellow highlighted area (which is everything except for the first two pages and the footer). The yellow highlighting will not display when printed.

Compatibility – the Word document is not password protected. However, it does require the following, as stated on the purchase page:

“Microsoft Word Format – You will need Microsoft Office Standard or Professional for PC to open the Word document. It is NOT compatible with other versions of Microsoft Office such as Microsoft Office for Mac or tablets such as the Surface as macros have been disabled.”

Saving Changes – the Word document saves your changes automatically when you close it. Your purchase confirmation email contains instructions for saving the files to your destination folder.

Renaming – you may rename each document by clicking on the file name. Once the text field appears, type and press enter.

If you need any help, please contact me. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.