Formalize Your Mistress/slave Dynamic

Writing a Contract is the best way to:

♦ Define Mistress’s and slave’s needs, wants and expectations;
♦ Set down Mistress’s and slave’s rights, duties and responsibilities;
♦ Discuss your roles and goals for the relationship;
♦  Know where you stand and what’s expected of you;
♦ Set phases for your training or relationship;
♦ Review your progress and make changes to reflect your growth;
♦ Make your commitment seem more official (please note a power exchange contract is NOT legally enforceable). It is a tool to help guide your relationship.

Mistress/slave Contract Template

This is the front cover sheet of the PDF and Word Contract. Scroll for more info, images and template options.
Mistress/Slave Contract

~ A Legal Style Document to Negotiate and Define Your Dynamic ~

Ideal for:

♦ Mistress and male/female slave partners wishing to define the relationship;
♦ Married couples, partners and lovers looking to explore the lifestyle.
♦ All levels of BDSM (beginners, slaves in training or a 24/7 lifestyle commitment).

Two options available: Downloadable or Hard Copy Format

Option 1: Mistress/slave Contract Download

  • PDF – printable, fillable, savable fields (make & save changes any time). Password protected.
  • Microsoft Word – fully editable, printable, Microsoft Office, PC, Mac, iPad, tablet & mobile.
  • Bonus: 3 pages of example clauses (ideas for your personalized rules).

$19 (or…only $4.95 if you buy the hard copy format).

BUY | Mistress/male slave Contract Download
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Other Options: Goddess | Queen | Mommy & littles, available here.

Need something nicer than a printout?
Present your rules in this hard copy M/s Contract template.

Size: 8.5″ x 11″ (28 x 21.6cm)
Cover: Gloss, Color
Binding: Perfect Bound
Format: Softcover or Hardcover

More cover designs available

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