For some slaves or submissives being under a contract is an important part of their BDSM experience. For others, not so much. Being under a slave contract brings an added dimension to the BDSM relationship in that it puts down in writing what is expected of the slave and what is not allowed. While it is not a legally binding document per se, it “is” considered binding by both Master and slave in their minds.

If you are submissive and are not under a slave contract but wish to be, approaching your Master or Mistress with the idea may seem intimidating. Here are a few tips to help you along the process:

Know why you want this before you ask

It is important that you have at least some idea of why you want to be under a slave contract before you bring it up with your Master or Mistress. The reason is simple: they may ask you why you want to be under a contract and the last thing you want is to kneel there, dumbfounded, searching for an acceptable answer. Have your answer prepared before you approach your Dom.

Know what it is you want in the Contract

It is, of course, up to your Master or Mistress to approve of any slave contract, but do not be surprised if your Dom asks you what types of clauses you want in it. This will be especially true for those who are in long-term relationships there your happiness is actually important.

It is best to have thought this through beforehand, even jotting down your ideas for the contents of the contract before you approach your Master or Mistress.

What if you are not sure

Most of those who are not into BDSM have no idea that this lifestyle is often a negotiated lifestyle. This means that each party is able to express his or her own desires and limits and, if agreeable by the other party, all is well.

If you feel the need to be under a slave contract but are not sure why or what you want, talk to your Master or Mistress about it. It may be that you simply do not feel “completed” unless you are under a written contract detailing your status and duties. It may be that you are somewhat new to the life and are not sure what you are supposed to do and want those issues written down. Or it could be that you have been in the life for a long time and now want to take the next step.

In all of the above cases, you and your Dom can sit down and discuss what needs to be in the slave contract and would is not acceptable. This is called negotiation, and it applies to BDSM relationships the same as it applies to any other type of relationship.

If you are a 24/7, total slave, then this may not be right for you, but for most others, it is the right path to take, and most Dom’s already understand this.

slave Contract issues

So, what types of issues can be in a slave contract? The answer is anything you and your Master or Mistress want. And these issues do not have to be only the “simple” issues of life. They can include things such as:

Exactly what type of relationship is this going to be?
What are the financial responsibilities?
Is this to be an exclusive (sexually) relationship?
Will we be open or discreet?

These topics and questions can be discussed verbally or they can be written down in a Master/slave contract form, which stipulates all your rights, responsibilities and expectations.