BDSM Contract Hard Copy (Soft/Hard Cover)

BDSM Contract Hard Copy (Soft/Hard Cover)


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What is it? A legal style document template to negotiate, define and formalize your BDSM arrangement/power exchange relationship.

Contract Style: A template which you fill in by hand.
Cover Format: Softcover (Optional upgrade to Hardcover). Gloss, laminate.
Terms Covered: See the Table of Contents (Image 3 of the gallery).

What is the difference? All contracts (except DD/BG) have the same terms and conditions and can be made as strict or as lenient as you desire. Simply select which titles you use. The DD/BG (Daddy/Babygirl) Contract contains additional schedules for little mode which are optional.

    (i.e. How do you identify yourselves?)

    Additional Copies (Optional)


    Suitable for

  • All levels of BDSM
  • Beginner kinksters
  • subs/slaves in training
  • Long-term partners
  • Total Power Exchange (TPE)
  • Male or Female Dominant/Master/Mistress
  • male or female submissive/slave
  • Collared/uncollared

    Terms covered

  • Duration of arrangement
  • Goals
  • Rights/responsibilities
  • Safety
  • Areas of Control
  • Limits
  • Terms of exclusivity
  • Switching
  • Punishment & rewards
  • Termination, amendment & renewal

A detailed legal-style contract to negotiate and formalize your BDSM relationship. Set down your goals, desires, boundaries and limits. Suitable for all levels of BDSM (training to long term partners).

All the important relationship formalities are covered including rights, responsibilities, limits, punishment, communication, areas of control & more.

When entering into a D/s or M/s relationships, it’s important to discuss your goals, needs, desires and boundaries. The negotiation process is a great way to open up communication. This document is designed to help you talk about all the important aspects of your relationship. Personalize it to suit your unique arrangement.

Make it as fun, hot, strict (even TPE) or as lenient as you like.

Written by an attorney, this contract is ideal for giving moral binding authority to your arrangement.

Please note: Contracts for BDSM relationships/activities are not legally enforceable, not even if written especially for you by your attorney. Although the BDSM Contract is drafted by an attorney with the look and feel of a legal document, it is intended for entertainment purposes only and it is NOT legally binding.

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