Mistress/male slave Contract Download

Mistress/male slave Contract Download


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A legal style document to negotiate and define your female lead power exchange (scroll down for more info).

Includes PDF and Microsoft Word formats
+ 3 pages of bonus clauses for ideas.

Select your Titles below:
(“Little” variations include optional terms for age play. Otherwise, Contracts are the same).

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    Suitable for

  • Female Mistress & male slave dynamics
  • All levels of BDSM
  • Curious lovers
  • Beginner kinksters
  • slaves in training
  • Long-term partners
  • Total Power Exchange (TPE)
  • Collared/uncollared

    Terms covered

  • Duration of arrangement
  • Goals
  • Rights/responsibilities
  • Safety
  • Areas of Control
  • Limits
  • Terms of exclusivity
  • Punishment & rewards
  • Termination, amendment & renewal

Sure, there are many cruel Mistresses who require complete obedience. Their only rule is “do what I say, when I say”. And there are a lot of men who crave to provide such devoted, unconditional obedience and service. BUT, this strict power exchange is not a type of dynamic you want to start off with. Even if you are experienced in kink and BDSM, your version of a “strict” Mistress may seem quite vanilla to some … or vice versa. That’s why negotiation is so important, whether it’s for a lifestyle arrangement or a one off scene.

Amount of Female Dominance

If handing over full authority to your Mistress (a total power exchange) is your goal, don’t rush it. Be sure to talk over your expectations first and set down limits. Even if you don’t think you want any limits, start with an inclusive negotiation. This means, include in your arrangement only those kinks, activities and attitudes which you DO want. Make everything else off limits. Then gradually broaden your contract from there. You may find you have limits after all. Plus, no prudent “Mistress” would ever frown upon you for that.

Types of Mistress/male slave dynamics

What style of female rule are you looking for? For example, do you prefer the domestic discipline fantasy type of lifestyle involving spankings, paddles, maid service, role play, corner time, pain as punishment and being “forced” into feminine costumes with ruffles, frills and lace?

Or are you more leather and fetish oriented, preferring pain as a means of pleasure, floggers, whips, bondage, devoted service and spending time in the dungeon? Or perhaps a touch of both and then some?

You can overlap between the myriad of styles and design a dynamic that best speaks to you.

That’s exactly what the Mistress/male slave Contract is designed to do; show you the options, let you pick from the smorgasbord and start the conversation to create a long term dynamic that appeals to you both.

Which Contract should I choose?

The Contract template is available with three different titles: “Mistress”, “Queen” or “Goddess”. They all have the same terms and conditions, so you won’t miss out on anything by selecting one over the other.

For the male slave who likes to engage in age play, there is also the “Mommy” and “little boy” version which has an optional schedule at the end to negotiate diaper wearing and anything else for your nurturing little mode.

If you prefer the term “Dominant” as opposed to Mistress, we also have an option for the Dominant/male submissive Contract. We have now amalgamated the two contracts, so please don’t buy both.

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  1. Mistress Peacock

    Love the contract and would love some additional pronoun options. We are set and living our best life under our contract. We both feel safe and supported and most everything we needed was included. Thank you

  2. lexie – sissy

    sissy received this contract and My OWNER (GODDESS TIA) and i are currently in the process of coming to terms with our own specifics.

    The contract is very expansive and there are a great many things to SERIOUSLY consider.

    sissy had presented this as an demonstration of my seriousness to be HERS.

    GODDESS TIA loves the idea of such a formal document. Once completed i am hoping she agrees to the formal signing with witnesses of her choosing to witness my complete submission to HER.

    Thank you for taking this sort of document so seriously and taking the time to make it available. It would have been near impossible to develop something even close to this independently.

    With much appreciation,

    lexie – sissy and soon to be formally owned property

  3. Vik

    I found the contract very refreshing in the sea of controversies penetrating most discussions of Mistress/sub relations and dedicated FLR. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

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