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Question: Please share example(s) of your rules or ideas (rituals, games, protocols or other fun stuff) to inspire others with their dynamic.

Winner 1

Submitted by: DaddyDave and Lil’Liz

I’m a Daddy Dom to a babygirl who is also my wife. One day I hurt my little one’s feelings, so I made some “Daddy Coupons” with MS Paint and my printer. It has since evolved into a recurring event.

As a little, she likes to do arts and crafts. On her one weekday off, she makes us two coupons. One is a “DD or lg can do, ask, or get this or that” -or- “lg or DD can’t do this or that or gets this or that.’ A common one that we use is no phones for x hours. Sometimes I’ll write a fun orgasm denial unless x,y, or z happens. Sometimes she’ll make a coupon that says, “Color time with Daddy, he has to wear his jammies and complete 2 whole pages with babygirl”

We have to fill in our coupons by Midnight on Saturday; if not we forfeit the coupon. Sunday is her 2nd day off, and our kid is away Saturday night and most of Sunday). Keep in mind, we don’t know what the other wrote on the coupon until the time it’s played. The best part is… the second coupon! It’s a two-part coupon that she puts a special cute stamp on and decorates it. When one is played, so is the other’s coupon at the same time, no matter what!

Now just imagine my coupon reading “babygirl must pick a -new- roleplay idea to be played out immediately; failure to comply results in 25 Daddy Paddles. Then you have her coupon that reads “Daddy provides cuddles through 2 Disney movies without any dirty touches, cuddling is ok” — bahaha, you can imagine the combinations we have run across. Once it ended up being “Harry Potter and Head” and another was “Play Xbox/Switch together and No Electronics for 24 hours” the irony!

Winner 2

Submitted by: Knotdemon

A ‘caution‘ word has enhanced our dynamic massively. It helps the submissive partner to indicate when they’re nearing their limits. This one little word helps so much to keep up the flow during a scene!
The safe-word is so final, after all…

My sub likes her dom to be decisive and in control. Answering questions can break her out of the submissive dynamic instantly, so having the option of a code-word to indicate her discomfort, fatigue, or otherwise, is such a bonus. Relinquishing control and submitting her pleasure to my will is a big kink for her.
She doesn‘t have to say or ask for anything specific if she uses the code word.

It’s not the green light to carry on, and it doesn’t end the scene. It‘s just a massively useful way for her to say she can‘t or doesn‘t want to continue with the task at hand. A single word with the power to change the direction of play. Not challenging to her Dom, just giving positive and affirmative feedback that she’s ready to change direction. A bit like a sail-boat’s sails going slack to indicate it’s time to change course and take advantage of a new wind.

During a recent session, Mrs Sub was heavily restrained and loving the attention lavished to her backside. Her skin was getting pretty sore, but she was still loving the scene, so she ever so softly voiced the word ‘Amber‘. The flogging stopped, and the plug and lube I had prepared came out. The wand joined in a while after too. She was back in her blissful happy place pretty quickly. And the soreness gave way to waves of pleasure.

So this one little word added to our vocabulary, is an essential tool. A way for us to approach the edge without going over. To stay on top of the cliffs and keep on enjoy the journey, and the amazing view ;D

Winner 3

Submitted by: Babygirl Casandra

I met Josh (daddy) 3 years ago. We are a very kinky couple. At first, his number one fetish was to be cucked. I was very vanilla and had never really spanned out further than a threesome. By nature, I am very passive and sweet, so learning to play the role of a mistress has been one of the biggest and hardest journeys of my life, especially because he is into SPH while also being a very masculine and dominant personality. It took me 3 years to really be able to stand in front of him, humiliate him, and be assertive enough to be considered his “mistress” and we only ever allowed one person into our dynamic one time and it went TERRIBLY. Lol.

After what I was sure to be the end of our relationship, he mentioned that maybe we should try a DDBG dynamic. I am not sure why we never tried it before because it makes so much sense. He would always complain because I didn’t trust him to be “the man” in the relationship and lead me and guide me. I struggle with daily life. I always have. I had no father and a mother who worked herself to the bone all day everyday and practically raised myself so I lack a lot of the skills many people have when it comes to functioning in daily life. He, on the other hand, is very high functioning. All I really want is love and I have deep abandonment issues. I wouldn’t say that I am the “typical” babygirl, as I do not act like a child… more like a teenager. It’s my energy even outside of the dynamic. Good intentions, but free-spirited, with little structure. So, I have mannerisms of a teen that just wants a fathers love and guidance. It just makes sense for us. This allows him to step into his masculinity and it provides me with the love and care I’ve been craving my whole life.

With that said, we stay in this dynamic 24/7, because it’s just who we are as people.

The part that is interesting about us is that because of the experiences had in the first 3 years of our relationship, we are technically “switches” and we implement it into the dynamic in a unique way I think.

At first we were worried it might hinder our growth in the DDBG relationship if I were to dominate him. We were concerned it would emasculate him and make it hard for him to get back into the headspace required to be my daddy, but we found a way that works for us so far and it makes the dynamic all the more fun to be involved in.

So… As his baby girl, I get to “punish” him if he steps out of line as my daddy or messes up in whatever way. One that he really hates (and has always hated even prior to this arrangement) is to call him by his birth name instead of babe/daddy/sir or any other term of endearment. He hates that, and I will do it until I feel he has learned his lesson. If he is bad, and I think it is what he low key wants, needs, or deserves, I tell him how he messed up and why I’m doing it, then I command him to his knees and walk around him, giving him the SPH and dominance that he craves in the form of verbal or physical punishment.

He can also command me to be assertive and I will take on that role for him if he needs it, as I exist to please him and he occasionally craves the dominance in me to come forth. In moments like this he is telling me I am hot for this right now and it’s what I want, so I give it to him gladly.

It’s interesting and keeps things fun and doesn’t allow it to get bland or too comfortable.

Thanks for hearing me out!
I would love a hard copy of the contract! I hope we win!

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