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Use this contract to formalize your relationship (whether you are just in the training phase or you are collared). The terminology of “Master” and “slave” is used in this agreement, however the slave may still set limits, safewords and the punishments which are allowed.

Note: if you do not want any limits mentioned in your terms, use the total power exchange contract.

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Downloadable Master/slave Contract

Master slave Contract reducedThis .pdf form has fillable fields which are savable, so making changes is easy. Once completed, you can print the final version and sign away. The form is 13 pages long and is easy to complete.

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Bound & sealed Master/slave BDSM contract

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  • Printed on parchment paper which gives the document an old look and feel
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  • Binding which enables you to easily open at the right page without closing back
  • Leathergrain back cover
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  • Includes a plain copy for a draft
  • Does not include: pen, candle

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Additional clauses

Master/slave etiquette & protocols

Entering into a Master/slave Contract

In BDSM, a slave is one that submits fully and unconditionally to Master. If there are limits set on His authority, then this is not a true Master/slave relationship and the parties should be referred to as Dominant and submissive. However, some couples still like to call themselves “Master” or “Mistress” and “slave” whilst retaining some limits.

What’s involved

When a Master takes on a slave in BDSM, the parties typically enter into some form of contract or agreement, whether verbal or written. If in writing, usually He prepares the documentation and presents it to slave for signing. Most times he/she will have the opportunity to negotiate and talk over the terms, but in some situations they are not even given the chance to read the contents. Even if such documents could be enforced in a court of law, not giving a party the opportunity to read its contents would invalidate any legal document. This means the slave can walk away at any time regardless of whether they’ve read the terms or not.  Master can also ask the sub to prepare the document.

There are essentially three types of Master/slave BDSM contracts. The first represents the true realms of such a relationship: a total power exchange, the second is for those who wish to call themselves “slave” but yet retain certain rights (in essence being a submissive rather than a slave). Persons who fall into the latter category are criticized by some in the BDSM community for referring to themselves as Master and slave yet still having limits. The third kind is a scene play checklist as opposed to a lifestyle situation.

Are you ready for a Master/slave relationship?

There are fundamental elements of these relationships which also need to be imbued into the terms of any understanding. These include honesty, devotion, trust, communication and the ever important desire to own or be owned. If you don’t have these elements in your relationship, there is no point entering into a contract to create them. You should only be signing on the dotted line if you already have these qualities present.

Being able to communicate in a non-judgmental way is incredibly important. The slave needs to be able to feel comfortable enough to raise any queries or concerns with Him. This is not only important for negotiating in the beginning, but it’s also essential for helping the relationship grow. In many cases, the contract is a living document, which is altered with the development of the relationship.

Verbal communication is the most common form, but slaves may also be made to disclose their deepest inner thoughts and desires through a journal, private website or emails to Him. Master will also need to communicate His desires and restrict unwanted behavior in the slave. If you don’t have the ability to do this yet, maybe hold off or just sign a short term agreement with the intention of renegotiating along the way.

The lack of honesty and trust is a deal breaker for many Masters and slaves. If you don’t have this from the outset, signing anything in writing is unlikely to improve your relationship. This is especially because BDSM contracts solely stand on the party’s moral authority, as opposed to any legal enforceability.

Negotiating and drawing up an agreement can bring you closer together through the essential negotiation process. It can also bring you closer to your goals as you will need to clearly express them with any deal you write up. If you are devoted to what BDSM stands for and to one another, there is no reason why you shouldn’t formalize your commitment with a signed document. Just make it relevant to your situation, needs and wants, rather than following what others are doing.


Approaching Master about signing a Contract
Dealing with disobedient slaves
Essential terms of a Master/slave contract
Unwritten rules for Masters

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